Ernst Blickle Award for Prof. Dr. Leo Lorenz


The board of the SEW-EURODRIVE Foundation presented Professor Leo Lorenz with the ERNST BLICKLE PRIZE 2014 at a special award ceremony at Bruchsal Castle on May 8, 2015.

The Foundation’s 100,000 EUR award was made in recognition of the outstanding contributions Professor Lorenz has made to the development and market launch of pioneering technologies. He has succeeded in developing highly efficient means of transforming electrical energy electronically with applications involving renewable energies, industrial automation and electric vehicles.

The role Professor Lorenz played in creating the European Center of Power Electronics (ECPE) was also highlighted at the ceremony. He is the President of this pan-European research network, which brings together industry and the leading universities involved in power electronics and drive engineering.

The foundation has awarded the ERNST BLICKLE PRIZE every two years since 1991 to recognize outstanding achievements in the fields of technology and industry.

A number of talented young scientists were also commended at the event, with 18 graduates and MSc students each being awarded 2,500 EUR prize money for their excellent work. The award winners were students of electronic and electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and business studies from the Universities of Hannover, Stuttgart and Mannheim, the Technical Universities of Ilmenau, Graz and Vienna, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), the RWTH Aachen University and ETH Zurich.