Higher torques in 7-series gear units

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Good news from our development department. By making small-scale optimizations and pushing known boundaries to the max, we have increased the torques for our large 7-series gear units. Your benefit – you get this increased torque at no extra cost.

More power, more reserves, more reliability

Would you like to know how you can achieve greater torques with the SEW‑EURODRIVE gear unit you are currently using, and thus increase the load on it? Or are you more interested in how you can have greater reliability in reserve in the future?

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How was this enhancement achieved? How can I increase the torque in my existing drives? Our podcast will provide you with answers to the key questions.

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More power for the big boys of the 7 series

Increased torque for our large 7-series gear units

We can offer increased torques in our gearmotors in combination with R..167, K..157, K..167 and K..187 without any parts changes at all. For F..157, all that is needed is for one shaft to be replaced.

Naturally, our increased torques also comply with all necessary safety requirements.

Your benefits

  • More safety when using devices,

    as the increased torques lead to higher operating factors (fB).
  • Size jump down,

    since you may be able to use a smaller size for new projects.
  • Increased combinatorics and more possibilities,

    as the new operating factors result in additional gear-motor combinations.
  • Always at the cutting edge of technology,

    without this causing additional costs for you.

As a result, you benefit from a number of advantages.

  • Firstly, the increased torques lead to higher service factors (SF), giving you more operational reliability.
  • Secondly, when planning a new project, you can use a smaller size, if required.
  • In addition to this, the new service factors increase the number of possible gear unit-motor combinations.
  • Our gear units and gearmotors ensure you're always at the cutting edge, without generating extra costs for you.

Other topics

Increased torque for SPRIOPLAN®

More torque for SPIROPLAN®, too

SEW image

Our development department is never idle – not even for our tried and tested products and solutions. For example, as a result of new calculations and the latest design criteria, we are able to increase the torque of our SPIROPLAN ® gear units W..10, W..20 and W..30.

Overview of increases in torque for W..10

Close table
Gear ratio
M amax NEW
6.57 19 +58
8.20 23 +92
10.25 28 +115
14.33 24 +9
16.50 27 +35
19.50 30 +20
27.50 27 +13
35.50 28 +12
39.00 26 +4
We have stored a table for you here.

Always the correct oil for your drive

Lubricants suitable for your gear unit

SEW image

SEW GearOil increases the performance of SEW‑EURODRIVE gear units – be they standard, servo or industrial. It reduces the friction between gears by creating an excellent lubrication film.

XCO surface protection

Surface and corrosion protection

SEW image

In our XCO drive package, we offer surface protection specifically intended for the food and beverage industry to protect your drives and products even in extreme ambient conditions.

Premium Sine Seal with improved properties

Improved oil seal

SEW image

The sinusoidal sealing lip of the new Premium Sine Seal exhibits substantially increased durability, and the new oil seal can be placed in the same location on the shaft during servicing.


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