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Coating-free drives in ECO2-design

Our sustainable coating-free aluminum geared motors with ECO2 design are a durable and cost-effective solution for applications requiring robust protection. Built to last, these gear motors have an aluminum housing that is resistant to corrosion and serving as a durable and natural protective shield. With our ECO2-motors, we aim to minimize environmental impact and to encourage sustainable operations.

Benefits with uncoated geared motors

By eliminating the need for energy-intensive painting processes and reducing the consumption of raw materials like paints and solvents, our uncoated components facilitate enhanced reusability and efficient recycling in the end of its life cycle.

Energy savings

By eliminating coatings and solvents, energy consumption in the manufacturing process is reduced.

Reduce CO2-emissions

By eliminating the need for coatings, these contribute to reducing the use of resources and energy in the production process

Sustainable recycling

When the operation reaches the end of its life cycle, they can be recycled in a more environmentally friendly way. By making use of valuable material and recycling uncoated components in more efficient way.
R.. gear untis F.. gear units: K.. gear units: W...0 gear units: W...9 gear units DR2.. DRN... motors
R.. 07 F.. 27 K.. 19 W.. 10 W.. 19 56
R.. 17   K.. 29 W.. 20 W.. 29 63
R.. 27     W..30 W.. 39 71
        W.. 49 80
        W.. 59 90

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In this brochure you will find more information about our coating-free gears and geared motors in ECO2 design.

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