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Powerful and customer-unique geared motors delivered in 1 day

Of course! Thanks to our modular system, we can offer you the ultimate solution that demands the best... and needs it now! ...We understand that situations may arise where you do not have time to compromise on either performance or quality, therefore we are proud to be able to offer you powerful and customer-unique geared motors manufactured and delivered in just 24 hours.

Why choose our powerful geared motors?

High Performance

Our geared motors are engineered to deliver impressive power and speed. Whether you need to accelerate quickly, cope with heavy loads or use in extreme conditions.


Our geared motors are manufactured using high quality materials and advanced technology to ensure reliable operation even under the most demanding conditions.


All applications have different requirements. Therefore, we offer you a wide range of products and configurations to meet your specific needs. We can, among other things, adapt your drive unit according to power class, speed and mounting position.

A geared motor tailored to your operation

Discover our range of geared motors optimized for high performance, flexibility and increased reliability. With our modular system, we can quickly manufacture and deliver a geared motor completely according to your requirements! We are your reliable partner with super fast deliveries of high quality geared motors.. simply a solution for you who demand the best and need it now!

Helical gear motors

Helical Gear Motors

Our high-performance geared motors in the R..DR.. series are compact, energy-efficient and versatile, thanks to their high efficiency and flexible configuration options.

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Parallel-shaft Geard Motors

Parallel-shaft Gear Motors

Our F...DR.. series Parallel-shaft gear motors are compact and powerful drives that are perfect when space is limited and have flexible configuration options to suit your needs and your application.

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Helical-bevel gear motor

Helical-bevel Gear Motors

Our robust bevel gear motors in the K..DR.. series offer reliable performance, high torque and many configuration options while requiring minimal maintenance.

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Worm gear motors

Helical Worm Gear Motors

Our powerful helical worm gear motors in the S..DR.. series combine high efficiency, energy efficiency and quiet operation. These geared motors are flexible and can be adapted to your requirements and application.

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Right-angle Gear Motors

Right-angle Gear Motors

Our Right-angle gear motors in the W..DR.. series are light and with their compact design they are ideal for conveyors, Roller conveyors & belt conveyors and specially adapted for noise sensitive environments.

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Online Support- product configurator

Configure your unit

With our product configurator, you can customize your unit completely to your needs with various options and configurations, e.g. mounting position and power class.

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Ready to Elevate your performance

Talk to us about how you can enhance your production by optimizing power transmission, speed , and precision for increased reliability in your manufacturing process.