Intelligent solutions for intralogistics

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SEW-EURODRIVE is one of the international market leaders in the area of drive automation. Our innovative intralogistics solutions drive your success. The global network of SEW-EURODRIVE production plants and Drive Technology Centers is at your service. More than just components. From consulting and planning through implementation. Whether you require a predefined solution or if you have specific requirements.

Conveying solutions for intralogistics and assembly

Conveying solutions for intralogistics and assembly
Conveying solutions for intralogistics and assembly

Our drive is to find the right intralogistics solutions for your requirements. Read more about our vertical and horizontal conveyors or floor conveyors and automated guided vehicle systems (AGVS).

Our intralogistics solutions implement SEW-EURODRIVEs Lean Sm@rt Factory - our design concept of the future.

  • Increased cost-effectiveness in production and assembly processes.
  • People, products, processes, services and data – networked together.
  • Modular, optimally designed process modules - networked using mobile assistance systems.
  • Increased productivity with perfect symbiosis of people and technology.

Versatile conveyor applications

Floor conveyors and AGV systems

  • Automated, safe and flexible system for internal logistics tasks
  • Modular factory solution
  • Flexible integration with existing factory systems
  • Forward-thinking power supply solution:

Traditional conveying applications

  • Drive solutions for vertical conveying:
    • Hoists, high bay warehouse and elevators
    • Modular drive automation solution
    • A wide range of solutions for motion control
    • Integration to different application solutions
    • Energy-efficient, space-saving conveying solutions
  • Drive solutions for horizontal conveying:
    • Roller, belt and chain conveyors as well as monorail and rotary tables
    • Modular drive automation solution
    • Energy-efficient drive solutions
    • New! ECDriveS® drive system
Mobile solutions
Mobile solutions

Mobile Transport System MTS

Modular and scalable AGV platform for production logistics. Intelligent mobile vehicle solution – all from a single source.

Mobile solutions
Mobile solutions

AGV System Solution

Benefit from our fully integrated AGV system solutions that have been specifically tailored to your needs. System solutions for production logistics and assembly.

Traditional conveyor solutions
Traditional conveyor solutions

Traditional conveyor solutions

Drive solutions for chain, roller and vertical conveyors. Our EMS electrified monorail offers the right solution for transportation tasks. New! ECDriveS® drive system is for light-duty materials handling technology.


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