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Robust design
Solid metal housing makes it suitable for field installation.

Comprehensive range of connection options
Optionally via terminals or a wide range of plug connectors. Fast. secure installation and simple unit replacement.

No space problems
The switching and protective function is completely integrated and thus saving control cabinet space and cabling.

No additional space required with the MOVI-SWITCH® motor starter

Are you looking for a particularly durable motor starter for your decentralized application? No problem. We have just the right solution for you with the MOVI-SWITCH® motor starter for decentralization with power ratings up to 3 kW. Depending on the design, you can choose between a contactless MSW-1E/1EM star bridge switch or a MSW-2S switching element with contact. In terms of the direction of rotation, you also have two options depending on the design: CW or CCW, depending on the phase sequence or CW and CCW, regardless of the phase sequence.

Our 3 MOVI-SWITCH® designs are compact, durable and equipped with powerful features.

MOVI-SWITCH® has IP54 degree of protection and is alternatively available as IP55, IP65 or IP66. Regardless of the environment: MOVI-SWITCH® is designed for ambient temperatures from -25 °C to +40 °C (...+60 °C).

Even use in applications with combustible dust as per Zone 22 is no problem. Our motor starter corresponds to Equipment group II, Category 3D according to the 94/9/EC (ATEX) Directive, or as of April 20, 2016 of the EU Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX).

Contact form Worldwide locations SEW-EURODRIVE Sverige MOVITOOLS® engineering software Interface adapters for inverters
Switching functionOn/off, one direction of rotationOn/off, two directions of rotation
Switching elementContactless star bridge switchSwitching element with contact
Direction of rotationCW or CCW, depending on the phase sequenceCW and CCW, regardless of the phase sequence
Control system
  • Binary control signals RUN / OK
  • Connection via 1x M12 plug connector
  • Binary control signals CW/CCW/OK
  • Connection via 2x M12 plug connector
  • Alternatively with integrated AS-interface
  Alternatively with integrated AS-interface
Brake managementWith brake rectifier as standard With brake rectifier as standard
  • Integrated brake control
  • Electrical manual brake release with BGM rectifier
Protection functionThermal motor protection with integrated evaluation
  • Thermal motor protection with integrated evaluation
  • Supply system monitoring (power and phase failure)
Degree of protectionIP54, optionally IP55, IP65 or IP66
Ambient temperature–25 °C to + 40 °C (to + 60 °C)
MOVI-SWITCH® motor starters
Number of polesPower range
40.37 – 3.00.09 – 0.250.37 – 3.0
20.37 – 3.00.12 – 0.370.37 – 3.0
60.25 – 1.50.25 – 1.5