Other additional features

Other additional features for AC motors

A comprehensive selection of accessories and options is available for motors and brakemotors.

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Examples of additional features and options for the DR.. series

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Additional feature Product designation Description
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Mechanical attachments BE.. Single spring-loaded brake with size specification
BF.. Double spring-loaded brake with size specification for industrial applications
HF, HR, HT Manual brake release, lockable, automatic re-engaging function or separable
/RS Backstop
/MSW MOVI‑SWITCH®, integrated switching and protection function
/MM.. MOVIMOT®, integrated frequency inverter
Temperature sensor/detection /TF 3 temperature sensors (PTC thermistor or PTC resistor) in series
/TH 3 thermostats (bimetallic switches) in series
/PK 1 or 3 PT1000 temperature sensor(s)
/PT 1 or 3 PT100 temperature sensor(s)
Ventilation /V Forced cooling fan
/Z Additional flywheel mass
/AL Metal fan
/U Non-ventilated (without fan)
/OL Non-ventilated (closed B-side)
/C Canopy
Bearings /NS Relubrication device
/ERF Reinforced bearing for high overhung loads (only with NS)
/NIB Insulated bearing (B-side)
Ports /IS Integrated plug connector
/AS.., etc. Installed plug connectors of various types
/KCC Terminal strip with cage clamps
/KC1 C1-compliant port for electrified monorail system (VDI guideline 3643)
Encoders /E... /A...
(e.g. AK8W)
Incremental and multi-turn absolute encoders,
also available for functional safety and in design for potentially explosive atmospheres

Tool flange:
/.K..: Mounting via cone shaft (replaces /.S.., /.G.., /.H..)
/.S..: Mounting via spread shaft
/.G..: Mounting via plug-in shaft
/.H..: Mounting via hollow shaft
/.V..: Mounting via coupling and solid shaft

Electrical interface:
/…R: TTL (RS422)
/…C: HTL
/…S: SinCos
/…W: SinCos + RS485
/…Y: SinCos or TTL + SSI
(e.g. EI7C)
Incremental encoder,
built-in encoder integrated without adding to motor length, also for functional safety

Electrical interface:
/…R: TTL (RS422)
/…C: HTL
/EI7.: with up to 96 incr./revolution
/EI8.: with HTL/TTL interface and 4096 incr./revolution
/XV.. Mounting or mounting adapter of encoders that are not included in the SEW-EURODRIVE portfolio
Condition monitoring /DUE Brake diagnostics with continuous function and wear monitoring
More options /DH Condensation drain hole
/2W Second shaft end on the motor/brakemotor
/RI Reinforced winding insulation for frequency inverter operation > AC 500 V
/RI2 Reinforced winding insulation with increased resistance against partial discharge for frequency inverter operation > AC 600 V
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