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The wide range of seminars offered by the DriveAcademy® is aimed not only at our own employees, but also at our customers. In addition to training courses and seminars on our products, the program also covers personnel and organization development.

Product training

For more information about our trainings, please contact:

Ulrika Lagerqvist +36 34 42 07, , or some of our sales-staff.

Our trainings are conducted at our head office in Jönköping. The trainings are led by qualified staff with many years of experience in electro mechanics, programming and commissioning.
Of course we also arrange hotel bookings etc.

Course: UE02

Inverter technology for maintenance staff

Training is intended for maintenance staff working with our inverter range.
We present our product range and you will have a thorough review of our software.
After completion of the training, participants will have the right skills to be able to analyze and troubleshoot using our software.


  • Overview of products
  • Motor- and inverter theory
  • Product knowledge - inverter program
  • The software MotionStudio
  • Online support, software tools and documentation

General informations

Training site: Facility at SEW-Eurodrive AB, Jönköping
Cost: Contact SEW.
Training at customer´s site: Contact SEW for an offer.

Target group

Maintenance personnal
Duration of training: 2 days
Max number of participants: 8

Course: U01

Gear motors with brake

Tre training is suitable for maintenance and repair personnel. The training is conducted with an emphasis on SEW gear units and motors. After the training session the participants will possess:

  • Troubleshoot a gear motor/motor brake
  • Refurbish a gear motor/motor brake
  • Assemble a gear motor


Overview SEW product range

  • Adjustment of motor brake
  • Troubleshooting a motor/gear/brake
  • Walkthrough of spare part lists
  • Lubrication/maintenance
  • Revamping options, mounting positions and speed change

General information

Training site: Facility at SEW-EURODRIVE AB, Jönköping
Cost:Contact SEW.
Training at customer’s site: Contact SEW for an offer.

Target group

Maintenance and repair personnel
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of gears/motors
Duration of training: 1 day
Max number of participants: 7

Course: U02

Course: U02

Mechanical maintenance and repair

    • The training is aimed at maintenance personnel and repairmen with a focus on mechanics.
      Everything is done with a focus on practical work with gearboxes.
      After finished the training, the participants must have the correct knowledge to be able to disassembly, assembly and install gearboxes.


  • Overview of products
  • Rebuilding opportunities
  • External impact gearboxes
  • Troubleshooting gearboxes
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Disassembly and assembly of gearboxes
  • Online Support tool for spare part lists, manuals and other documentation, configuration and more.

General informations

Training site: Facility at SEW-Eurodrive AB, Jönköping, SE

Cost: Please take contact with SEW for an offer.

Target group

Maintenance, mechanics

Prerequisites: Basic about gearboxes

Duration of training: 3 days, Tuesday-Thursday kW 47.

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