Remanufacturing- durable and cost-effective repair service for geared motors

extend the life of your products and contribute to the circular economy

By repairing old drive units and recycling and reusing components as much as possible, both waste and energy consumption can be reduced. Our remanufacturing process involves complete disassembly of geared motors from our existing assembly program, cleaning, replacement of defective and worn parts, and final quality control. This results in the unit being returned almost exactly "as new" to serve the same purpose as before.

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NOTE: to ensure that we can carry out the repair service and reuse as many components as possible, the gear housing must be intact. Additionally, when upgrading the engine to the latest IE standard, the dimensions and speed may deviate from the original specifications.

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Repair service with sustainability in focus

We strive to minimize waste and optimize sustainability in all aspects of our business. This includes, among other things, ensuring that all components that cannot be reused when repairing your unit are recycled into new products and all oil is collected in a separate oil tank for proper handling or recycling.

By reusing components, both raw materials and energy are saved. It usually reduces energy consumption up to 50-85%.*source: Lund 1984, Sundin & Lee 2011.

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