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An SEW‑EURODRIVE employee carrying out inspection and maintenance work

What are the benefits of our operating and maintenance concepts service?

Developing customer-specific operating and maintenance concepts for the operation phase early on lays the foundation for reducing/optimizing storage, operating and maintenance costs.

Our services

Maintenance contracts with

customized service packages (e.g. Inspection & Maintenance, Spare Parts Service, etc.)

CDM® Maintenance Management

Individual customer consultation and creation of a system structure

Recording of all drive technology and status classification

Provision of drive and frequency inverter data (documentation, drawings, parameter data, etc.) online in the Online Support customer portal

Inspection and maintenance schedules, including definition of response scenarios

Definition of alternative drive technology

Variant management

Data security in accordance with DIN/ISO 27001

Inspection and maintenance schedules with

inspection services: Quick Check, thermography, examination with an inspection scope and oil check

Current and power measurements

Pick-Up and Delivery Service: We take care of the logistics for your drive repairs

The added value for you

Maximum system availability, excellent process reliability and shorter costly downtimes
Reduction in the number of items held in storage and optimization of storage costs
Short-term and flexible replacement procurement
Transparency of all drive technology
Standardization and reduction in variance